Values. Orientations. Objectives.

Avarteq – Your Full Service Partner

We established Avarteq in 2008 in Saarbrücken. From our beginnings as an Internet agency we now have more than 40 employees and have become your competent Full Service Partner for all questions regarding software development, design and cloud-based hosting. We are a dynamic team of experienced developers, UX design enthusiasts and cloud computing experts.


For us Avarteq is a team; Avarteq, that’s us. Our minds, our know-how, our competence. A strong team – the soul of Avarteq.

As a team we delivery synergies for our customers. As the Avarteq team we make demands: of ourselves, of our work and of our processes. We think and feel agile and lean: in the relationships with our customers and in the way we work.

We measure ourselves by our results and by our customer’s satisfaction. That is why we are convinced that you will be convinced.


Custom orientation is the most important factor for us. Our objective is to continuously improve the satisfaction of the people who use the software we develop. This is a characteristic of our software and describes the work we do as a team.

The close and intensive cooperation with our clients allows regular exchanges regarding current and future joint projects. Real trust, close partnership, a high level of transparency and concrete cooperation are more than mere catchwords for us, they describe the way we actually work. 

That is why we are proud of our software.




The quality of our work is also guaranteed through the consistent use Lean Software Development methods, especially Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Delivery. We orient all our internal processes towards the principles of agile software development.

We use Kanban to visualize, structure and continually optimize our own development processes. Kanban allows us to continually optimize our work processes and avoid friction loss. Kanban gives us the flexibility to adjust development processes to the individual teams, capacities and processes in our company. This allows immediate work on content, especially at the start of a project.


‘It must be innovative!’ - probably best describes what we demand from software. But Innovation-oriented also describes our overall attitude to work. We see Lean Development not only as a methodological approach, but also rather as a corporate culture.

Our consistent orientation towards innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We base it on tried and tested cooperation within an experienced team, enthusiasm for modern web technology and the highest standards with regard to service, quality and work processes in software development.

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