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Verivox, as the leading consumer portal in Germany, has been counting on our technological knowledge in the sector of front end development since the beginning of 2015. We support Verivox in the development and expansion of the comparison calculation interfaces and in the development of the front end for the new Verivox consumer portal on the Swiss market.

ISEKI Machinenbau GmbH

In 2014 ISEKI-Maschinen GmbH commissioned Avarteq with the further development of a CRM system with Ruby on Rails that had already been developed and perfectly adapted to the internal operating processes. To this day Avarteq has been reliably and efficiently realizing the completion of the software and has taken over the further development, maintenance and hosting of the system.
Applied technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

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Agentur Buben und Mädchen

Kooperation RMG Connect

We take over the development component of technically complex projects with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS in close cooperation with the marketing agency RMG. By doing this we guarantee the smooth development of new and the further development of existing portals for RMG Connect and their clients.

MEISSNER AG - Modell- und Werkzeugfabrik

Among other things MEISSNER AG supplies automobile manufacturers and their subcontractors with tools for the production of engine blocks, cylinder heads and other cast parts. In 2015 MEISSNER AG was awarded the title ‘Best external tool manufacturer with more than 50 employees’. A database supported information system was developed in order to allow MEISSNER AG to manage the entire manufacturing process efficiently. Our development team designed a user-friendly solution that was tailored specifically to the production process. The system is in the test phase and will be utilized productively from 2016 onwards.
Applied technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3

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We bring your ideas into the internet