Agile. Modern. User-oriented.

We develop apps that enthuse and inspire

Do you have a vision for an innovative software product? We will realize your ideas for web and mobile: responsive, lean and for all terminal devices.


As a Full Service partner we accompany you from concept to realization and quality assurance and through to the operation of your applications.

We have particular experience in the development and use of Software as a Service (SaaS). It is our aim to develop software that can be utilized by the user at any time and on all devices without problems.

Our developers are trained regularly on technical and legal standards. We offer both first and second level support.



Our developers specialize in modern web technology such as Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 and Golang.

We develop mobile apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android as well as hybrid applications for cross-platform applications.

Besides web and mobile apps our focus is on the programming of performant, scalable back-end. We have extensive expertise in microservice architecture, SQL and Non-SQL databases, in particular in MongoDB and CouchDB.

Technologies we work with

Ruby on Rails
Cloud Foundry
You're looking fo a Full Service Partner for your software projects?

How we work

Agile development

We rely on transparent processes, trusting and partner-like cooperation and continual communication with our clients. 

For software solutions we rely on Lean Product Development. We first develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then optimize this continually with a build-measure-learn feedback loop. We aim to achieve validated learning processes in order to continually improve the software product.


Kanban can sustainably reduce software development times. For our clients this means faster results and thus lower costs.

Kanban allows us to continually optimize our work processes and to avoid friction losses. Kanban gives us the flexibility to individually adjust development processes to capacities and procedures in our company.

Quality Assurance

Precise and clear technical documentation, test-driven development and continuous integration as well as the use of the latest web technology form the basis of our software development.

Our objective is to guarantee the highest quality of developed code for our clients and the greatest possible transparency within the cooperation.


The reliable and clean realization of our rails projects, simply and without fuss. We can look after the WHAT – Avarteq looks after the HOW.
Martin Hoffmann
CEO, ISEKI-Maschinen GmbH Germany